Why CK Accounting Services

Most small businesses cannot afford, nor have the need for, a full time accounting staff. I help by allowing them to outsource the work at a lower cost.

I provide bookkeeping and accounting services to small business owners so that management can focus on the operations. I provide the financial status of the company at the frequency needed to make important business decisions. I also provide QuickBooks implementation, training, and advisory services for those who wish to do the work in-house.

CK Accounting Services seeks to provide a full suite of management accounting services for small businesses in central Illinois, allowing business owners to save money over in-house accounting and to make valuable management decisions from their numbers.

Services provided:

Cindy Kirby, Accountant

As a small business owner myself, I understand all that goes into running a company day to day. My expertise will allow you to focus more on the daily tasks.

– Cindy Kirby